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Une superbe compilation de 15 thèmes de musique de film arrangés pour clavier.Titres :A Time For Us (Romeo And Juliet) [Rota, Nino]; Chinatown (Love Theme) [Goldsmith, Jerry]; Jean De Florette (Theme) [Petit, Jean-claude]; Love Theme (The Godfather) [Rota, Nino]; Moulin Rouge! (Closing Credits - Bolero) [Sharples, Steve]; Once Upon A Time In West [Morricone, Ennio]; Out Of Africa [Barry, John]; Raiders March (Raiders Of The Lost Ark) [Williams (Composer), John]; Schindler´s List [Williams (Composer), John]; The Beginning Of The Partnership (Shakespeare In Love) [Warbeck, Stephen]; The English Patient [Yared, Gabriel]; The Last Of The Mohicans [Jones, Trevor]; Theme (Jurassic Park) [Williams (Composer), John]; Theme From E.T. (The Extra-terrestrial) [Williams (Composer), John]; Where Do I Begin (Love Story) [Lai, Francis]

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